Yehudi Menuhin

Branding, Web Design

Redesigning the website for one of the 20th Century’s finest and most celebrated classical musicians.

Working under the creative direction of the Escape Committee, I led the brand and design of the official website for world-famous violinist and conductor Yehudi Menuhin.

Meeting with the Menuhin family, our clients for the project, gave me the opportunity to go through original archived materials to gain insights and inspiration for the project.

The new mobile friendly site combines refined typography with a bold colour palette, to provide a fresh and engaging overview of the great musician and his works.

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A timeline of his life

A key feature of the site is an interactive timeline which highlights major events from Menuhin’s inspiring life and career.

From a childhood prodigy to the Menuhin School and Foundation he has left in his legacy.

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The Centenary website

100 years after the birth of the great musician, festival of events and concerts will be held around the world to celebrate the life of the great musician.

The Menuhin family, who were delighted with the outcome of the website, briefed us to create a website to highlight the upcoming events marking 100 years since the birth of the great musician in 2016.

We created a stream of in snippets from his music archive, original videos, long form articles, and links to upcoming festivals, concerts and competitions.

Truly brought his website up-to-date in a fresh yet traditional format, to connect younger generations to the incredible music and life story of one of the 20th Century’s finest and most celebrated musicians.

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