Under the Skin

Illustration, brand, awareness campaign

An interactive print series that raises awareness of some of the world’s most iconic, yet endangered animals.

Working in collaboration with my brother James Harrison, we created a series of limited edition screen prints as a hand-crafted celebration of the animals with a powerful underlying message.

When the lights are turned out the skeleton is exposed – all that remains when a species falls into the darkness of extinction.

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Prints That Protect

We donate 20% of our print proceeds to our chosen ‘on-the-ground’ charities, each dedicated to saving a specific species.

We believe in more than just ‘raising awareness’ of endangered species, we believe in taking action, positive change and education.

Our partner charities

The process

We sustainably screen print all of our artwork from a small studio in Glasgow.

My aim is to capture the defining characteristics of each animal in simplified straights and curves; to make up a final design of satisfying geometry and colour combinations.

I illustrate the skeleton using anatomical diagrams, books and online resources for reference. This intricate layer represents the true anatomy of the animal, whilst contrasting the bold, geometric animal beneath.

Our process