Swansea Night Shelter

Brand identity

Designing the brand identity for Swansea Night Shelter, a charity that provides emergency accommodation for rough sleepers throughout the coldest winter months.

Swansea Night Shelter is an award winning project set up for the homeless community in my hometown of Swansea. I offered to design their new logo which is to be used in their presentations, website and volunteer guidebooks.

Spending a week working with the shelter allowed me to meet the guests and other volunteers, which in turn gave me an insight into the way the Swansea Night Shelter operates.

The symbolism

The star is a symbol that will help guide you through the dark times in your life. Together with it’s Biblical connotations, it was the perfect starting point for creating the new Swansea Night Shelter logo.

The churches, working together as shelters, take it in turns to provide dinner, breakfast and a place for guests to sleep each night of the week.

These minimal & geometric components have been brought together to form the new logo for Swansea Night Shelter. The symbol also resembles the physical landscape of the South Wales valleys, which adds a sense of confidence and pride to the visual identity.