Remembrance Centenary

Brand, awareness campaign, interaction

A web campaign that connects younger generations to the events of the First World War.

100 years after the 'Great War', the world pauses to reflect on what happened between 1914 and 1918. Remembrance is a self-initiated web campaign that connects young people today with the events of the First World War.

The website combines bold design, animation and interactive info graphics to create an engaging and inspiring narrative that sensitively recalls both the horror and the resilient spirit of the times.

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Visiting Flanders Fields

I went on a short trip to Flanders to gain inspiration for the campaign, and pay tribute to the fallen soldiers across the land. From 1914 - 1918 the homes and fields of Flanders were turned into a battlefield, and over a million soldiers were wounded or killed. There is no other region that tells the story of the war in such depth.

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Prototyping the website

I created a high fidelity prototype to demonstrate the concept and interactions of the website, which uses film clips and animated infographics to recall different aspects of the war in an interactive step-by-step narrative.

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Printed memorabilia

I created a range of visual memorabilia in keeping with the website to serve as reminders of the Centenary. These were sent out as gift packages on Armistice day, as a small token of gratitude for those in support of the Remembrance Kickstarter campaign.

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The result

The campaign received the attention of several organisations related to the cause, most notably the Imperial War Museum. I've since had the opportunity to meet with the IWM digital lead, and contribute my ideas to their own Centenary-related projects.

The Remembrance campaign has been shortlisted by the Design Council for their 70 Ones to Watch program, showcasing what they feel is the future of innovative British design.