Archived Work

A selection of older creative work

Scroll through my collection of past projects: interactive experiments, university projects, commercial and personal work (in no particular order).

Page 1: Great Expectations

Page 1: Great Expectations, published by GraphicDesign&, brought together 70 designers and typographers to celebrate the bicentenary of Charles Dickens’ birth. I was honoured to be chosen to contribute to the project, and had the opportunity to attend the book launch in London’s Design Museum.

My treatment of the page considered how Dickens might have treated the novel had he published it today. Displaying the text in code format for e-Readers, my page reflects the fact that his books will be read and enjoyed by future generations for years to come, regardless of the format of books.

Buy the book here

Self Promotion

My response to a university brief that challenged us to promote ourselves as designers.

“Good self-promotional work is about achieving a balance between conveying a simple, direct, sales message with a measure of art and intrigue.” – Red Design (Brighton, UK)

I aimed to create a piece of work that would reflect my working approach - designing for both the tactile quality of print and engaging interactivity of web. I screen printed a batch of fold-out letters describing my skills and values as a designer, and developed a digital counterpart in the form of a scrolling website.

Print Press Hack

By hacking a computer mouse and installing it under the roller of a traditional printing press, I created an interactive installation that 'prints' messages on-screen when turning the handle.

Print processes are declining as digital devices replace books, but this installation reminds users that the intimate act of reading will remain the same.

Visit my photo journal to see the building process of the installation, which was made possible with the help of my ever proficient brother.

Letterpress: Forward Thinking

'Letterpress: Forward Thinking' is a conference focused on integrating innovative technology with traditional letterpress printing techniques.

I designed the brochures for the conference, which also folded out into posters as a takeaway for everyone attending the event.

The brochures were printed alongside a fold-out poster by Victory Press for printing the brochures.