Against The Grain

Brand identity

Designing the brand identity for a furniture design company with traditional craftsmanship at the core of their philosophy.

My brother, Daniel Harrison, is a furniture designer and maker. I was given the opportunity to develop the logo for his company, Against the Grain.

Immersing myself in the workshop helped me to define the new brand, which was to reflect traditional craftsmanship combined with contemporary aesthetics.

The symbolism

Taking inspiration from the impressive collection of old hand-tools, I started the creative process by sketching out ideas based on the cutting action of the chisel.

The final outcome is an iconic, geometric logo that has the flexibility to be applied across a range of mediums. While the logo feels very contemporary, it's symbolism nods to the past as it directly reflects Against the Grain's traditional approach to craftsmanship.

A story through film

I created a short film documenting my brother creating a bespoke wooden bowl from start to finish on the lathe in his workshop.

Today we live in a world where the majority of products are mass produced out of manmade materials, with the intent to generate excessive profits. This film demonstrates a true example of someone working 'against the grain' of mass production to create an object that holds true value.