Hello! I’m Ed Harrison,
a digitalgraphicvisualcollaborative designer.


I’m a freelance designer focusing on digital, branding and illustration.

I enjoy working with others to create meaningful and beautifully crafted design solutions.

I'm currently working with the Economy team to change the way we understand and engage with economics.

I'm also running a collaborative sideline project with my brother called Under the Skin, which aims to raise awareness of the world’s most iconic, yet endangered animals.

I'm proud to have won the Rising Star category at the 2015 Design Week awards. Check out the short film below that tells the story of my showcased Remembrance campaign.

Canadian Adventure

I recently made the crazy, exciting, nerve-wracking decision to spend two years travelling Canada.

I've come here to gain inspiration from the natural world, and explore the great outdoors through my passion for skiing, climbing and surfing.

I love experimenting with film as a storytelling medium. I'm creating a series of short travel films to document and share my experiences whilst on the road in Canada.

Get in touch

I'm always interested to hear from studios and other like-minded creatives!

If you'd like to get in touch about any freelance opportunities or potential collaborations, feel free to drop me a line at talk@edharrisondesign.com.

You can also find me over on Twitter and Instagram.

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