Hello! I’m Ed Harrison,
a graphic designerillustratorartist.

Inside the studio...

I’m a freelance designer and illustrator living in the UK, somewhere on the edge of the map.

I craft meaningful brands and create playful illustrations centred around wildlife and conservation. I've produced commissioned illustrations for Pelican Books and Sea Shepherd, that sort of thing.

I'm also one half of Under the Skin, an ongoing collaboration with my brother that uses interactive screen prints to help protect endangered animals on the brink of extinction.

Outside the studio...

I'm a surfer, skier and rock climber. Every moment I'm not doing my craft is spent out and about chasing waves and climbing cliffs around the rugged coastlines of Britain.

I've just returned from a two year adventure through Canada, where I spent my time living out of a van and exploring the mountains of British Columbia. I created a series of short films to document my travels and capture experiences whilst on the road.

If you'd like to get in touch about any freelance opportunities or potential collaborations, feel free to drop me a line at talk@edharrisondesign.com.

Design for naturechangewilderness.