Hello! I’m Ed Harrison,
a travellingdigitalgraphicvisualweb designer.


I’m a freelance designer & graphic illustrator. I currently reside in British Columbia, Canada, where I've spent the past year living the simple life in my van.

I'm particularly interested in wildlife and conservation. I use my passion for climbing, surfing, skiing, and outdoor exploration to inspire and fuel my mission in protecting the natural world through impactful design.

An example of this is Under the Skin, an interactive, limited edition screen print series of endangered animals created in in collaboration with my brother.

Canadian Adventure

I recently made the crazy, exciting, nerve-wracking decision to spend two years travelling around Canada.

Check out the short film above that I created to document and share my experiences whilst on the road, living the simple life out of my van.

If you'd like to get in touch about any freelance opportunities or potential collaborations, feel free to drop me a line at talk@edharrisondesign.com.

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